Mr Heart wants to travel

What would happen if one day you decided to follow your heart?

asks Pia Jane Bijkerk in her beautiful book My Heart Wanders


Last autumn I made a decision to quit my job but still didn’t feel enough courage to do it straight away. I lingered on, waiting for ‘a good time’ and new opportunities to lift me up. My heart silently waited in its nest, beating its daily route, freezing at gruesome duties and drying up like a flower in a desert. But one day the opportunity arose and I felt as if I had caught a baloon flight to an oasis. It was a message about my novel finally attracting attention of a publisher. I was so scared that it might be just a dream that I only told one person about it. Over Christmas I made up my mind and gathered enough courage to step out of my comfort zone. I quit a good, interesting job with a regular salary in the first days of New Year. Some people couldn’t believe why, others were not so surprised, some cheered me up by saying: what a brave decision!, others made scarry remarks about my being silly to quit if I hadn’t  secured anything else instead. At the beginning I was so unsure of myself that I couldn’t even say out loud: I don’t need another job like this! I want to spent my spring on writing! A few days later the publisher officially accepted my novel. Since then I’ve been on a constant roller-coaster of new ideas, artistic projects which appear out of nowhere, and new people who are ready to cooperate with me on various fields. I don’t have to give up any of my true interests.

poemsand stones

I’m constantly asking my blossoming heart: do you want to dance?  Go to a dancing class, make your own a dancing project. Do you need more singing? Go get wild singing with a group of women! Wanna get some fun painting? Well, go paint with the kids at a festival or organise your own art workshop.


My heart travels a lot these days and is never thirsty. Or rather it’s thirsty of adventure and gets sips of beauty every day.


I bought Pia’s book last autumn for courage and inspiration. It was one of the most delicious poetic journeys I’ve made so far. The very idea of the book is to be both a literary jewel and visually beautiful. It’s this kind of book you can browse every now and then for lovely images and ideas.  A really good companion reminding you that the nature of the heart lies in movement. It does take courage to move on. But once you decide to follow your heart and share your real talents, the doors will open and nothing will seem impossible.

Kopia IMG_0967

PS Pia shares my interest in heart shapes. It was a real pleasure to look for hearts hidden in her photos.

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